One Destination… Two American Masters

O’SnapDragonus Maximus – Jake Ollinger


16.5 inches long by 12 inches tall by 9.5 inches wide

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O’SnapDragonus Maximus
By Jake Ollinger

Fairhope, AL


My work has evolved via years of experimentation, an interest in multiple fields outside of ceramics, and techniques learned from other artists. Appropriating the visual cues of Car Culture and Sci-Fi into the formal setting of functional pottery, through the lines and forms utilized, is the focus of my creative drive. I strive to bring animation and dynamic movement into my work, by pushing outside of the ‘normal’ boundaries of ceramics while respecting traditional techniques.

Hand thrown and manipulated on and off the wheel to achieve the final form, my ceramic work is either Cone 10 reduction or Cone 10 Soda fired, with a preference for Soda. Experimentation with glazes within these two firing methods has yielded surfaces and colors that react well with each other, adding visual depth to the surface while enhancing the flow of the overall piece.