Marlin Miller



Mississippi Sound Welcome Center 

May 25 – September 7, 2015

Floridian wood sculptor Marlin Miller transforms trees damaged by Hurricane Katrina.  His sculptures along Mississippi Coastal Highway 90, created with a chain saw, preserved damaged trees and transformed them into wildlife sculpture.  Miller’s works range from creations that combine hundreds of individual pieces of driftwood into one figure to sculptural pieces carved from single large pieces of storm-damaged timber.  Miller’s sculptures symbolize not only the power of human nature to rise above disaster, but also the less than desirable human qualities often discovered during times of crisis.  Miller’s work reflects the helplessness and despair felt when faced with tragedy, the emotions discovered during extreme conditions, and the mental and physical challenges endured during a catastrophe.  Other works such as Harmony explore the role of Mississippi musical heritage in the healing process.  Sculptures such as the elegant Courtship represent the endurance of wildlife on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Marlin’s sculptures are monuments to the pain, resilience and rebirth experienced during and after an event that changed the Coastal landscape.