Ceramics on Fire: Wayne Ferguson

IP Casino Resort & Spa Exhibitions Gallery
March 6 – June 2, 2018

As a child seven year old Wayne Ferguson and his brother, Lemuel, played with modeling clay their mother, Lillian, made from salt, flour and blue food coloring. Wayne has been creating clay objects since and has been a teacher and exhibiting artist for fifty years. He has mentored many clay artists and has been an artist in residence throughout Kentucky from Benton to Harlan. Wayne is represented in many collections, most notably the Reverend Al Shands Collection and the Kamm Teapot Collection. He has also worked on several archaeological projects in the Tucson Basin and the Chiricahua Mountains. He has visited the potters of Mata Ortiz Mexico on two occasions as early as 1978. Building and firing Japanese style anagama kilns has been a personal journey since 1974. Wayne will have an exhibit of his most recent work at the George Ohr- O’Keefe Museum in Biloxi Mississippi in March 2018.

-excerpt from personal website