The Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art is pleased to announce our annual open call for Classes and Workshops for 2018. OOMA aspires to become the premiere source of diversified and engaging art education for the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We see art education as a road that leads to self-reflection, creative problem solving, and social change; it creates dynamic and profound interactions that shape personal identities and strengthens our Gulf Coast community. We are looking for artists with a great sense of purpose and creativity that are committed to create significant educational experiences for our students.

Who can apply?

Professional artists, educators, and art scholars that have teaching experience in the arts are eligible to apply. We will accept proposals in all areas related to the arts including: art history, visual arts, artistic career development, performance arts, ceramics and pottery.  

How to apply?

Fill out the Class/Workshop Proposal form and attach it with your resume to, or turn in documents directly to the museum front desk no later than January 15th, 2018.

What does the museum provide?

  • A studio which can be used for day and evening classes
  • Compensation for classes established by contract
  • Promotion for classes through our website, newsletters, social media, and press releases
  • Management of the student enrollment process
  • Liability insurance for scheduled class/workshop time

Selection Process:

At the end of the open call, we will select proposals and announce the year’s schedule. We will  choose the proposals that are innovative and represent the creative spirit of George Ohr and establish direct communication with the selected instructors and educators to confirm dates. In addition, we encourage proposals that share common themes with our exhibits for 2018.

Thematic Guide for Future Exhibits

  • Permanent exhibits
    George Ohr: I am the Potter who was
    Themes: pottery, whimsical, contemporary pottery, color theory
    City within a city (open December 2017)
    Themes: Local history, African American history, Civil Rights

  • January-February 2018
    Wind in Your Hair: Vintage Motorcycles
    Themes: metal, underground culture, steampunk, vintage, movement
    Paul Andrew Wandless: Stories, Myths & Musings
    Themes: Ceramics, printmaking, storytelling, mythology, character creation, sculpture

  • February-May 2018
    Ceramics on Fire: Wayne Ferguson
    Themes: global warming, recycling, pottery, politics, satire, social sciences
    Fine/Folk: African American Art from the Collection of the MS Museum of Art
    Themes: ceramics, folk art, African American culture, identity, Mississippi culture
    Vietnamese Photo exhibit
    Themes: Vietnamese culture, photography, New Year, Lunar Year, Year of the Dog
  • June-August 2019
    Blue Dog The Art of George Rodrigue
    Themes: Pop art, Louisiana culture, Cajun culture, primary colors, painting
    Contemporary Glass Show
    Themes: stained glass, sculpture, movement, arts and crafts

  • August-October 2018
    Ceramics Regional Show
    Themes: Southern culture, ceramics, pottery, sculpture
    Cars in art III
    Themes: A
    utomotives, vintage, movement, pop culture, social identities, chromium finish

  • October-December 2018
    Adam Crosson
    Themes: Contemporary art, fabric art, sculpture, technology, architecture, light
    Toy Show
    Themes: Antique toys, ludic arts, interactive, games

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Our art classes include many different types of work, mainly focusing on ceramic art in our cutting edge ceramic studio.

Click class title to see available class times and topics. ***Registration for some classes closes 24 hours before class time. Please call for availability 228-374-5547.